June 12 , 2013
LeWiz Releases Hardware TOE Application with Zero Software Processing Assist Required for Financial Trading

Oct 9 , 2012
LeWiz Gen5 Ultra Low Latency, Multi-Session TOE Core Available

Sept 26 , 2012
LeWiz Advances Deep Packet Pattern Search for 10G at Any Packet Size

Sept 2 , 2008
LeWiz Streaming Cards Selected for SeaChange VOD Servers

May 17 , 2006
LeWiz's PCI-Express 4-port GigE NIC Certified for the Solaris 10 OS

March 15 , 2006
LeWiz Fires the Dual-Port 10GigE PCI-Express Rocket

August 4 , 2005
LeWiz Unleashing a Powerful Family of Multi-port, 10G TOE NICs

July 12 , 2005
Incredible: LeWiz Packed Amazing Performance of 4 GigE Ports on a Tiny PCI-Express Board

June 7 , 2005
LeWiz Commuications Announces Full Range of Enterprise Linux OS and iSCSI support for its Magic2020™ TOE Card

May 9 , 2005
LeWiz Commuications and Synchromesh Computing Announce Best TCP/IP Offload Engine Benchmark Results

April 21, 2005
TCP/IP Accelerated NIC Available for 64-bit AMD Opteron

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