LeWiz Unleashing a Powerful Family of Multi-port, 10G TOE NICs

San Jose, CA (August 4, 2005) - Utilizing its second generation TOE ASIC, LeWiz Communications releases a family of TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) products scalable from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit performance for server, storage and security systems. This new family comprises of 3 TOE cards – the Magic2028-2p with dual GigE ports in a low profile PCI-X form, the Magic2028-4p with 4 GigE ports in PCI-X short form, and the Magic2028-10G with a 10 Gigabit port supporting either CX-4 copper or SR/LR Fiber. These products covers a spectrum of 4Gbps to 10Gbps speeds with full TCP/IP offload for the system CPUs making them ideal for the Web serving, or iSCSI and NAS storage applications.

Figure 1: LeWiz’s family of Magic2028 TOE NICs

This second generation is built on the solid foundation of LeWiz’s previous generation of TOE ASIC which had been through certified testings and deployed in the market place. It employs the same low-power, hardware based architecture but offers higher performance, less board space, and more ports. With both the low power and small space features this product line is well suited for heat sensitive environment of 1U or blade servers. Its scalability allows the same software to be used for Gigabit to 10 Gigabit applications – making it easy for deployment and reduces development time and cost. Its loadable software device drivers come with the standard TCP/IP socket layer making the whole family compatible with any existing software applications. The multiple independent ports allow users to implement fail-over fault-tolerant or bonding together to achieve the high transfer rates.

“These 2nd generation products are reliable, high performance, low power, and easy to use across the spectrum of networking speeds. It has an amazing architecture, so compact that you can build a dual Gigabit port implementation in half the size of a credit card with full TCP/IP offload”, said with full excitement, Chinh Le CEO of LeWiz Communications.

Various versions of 32-bit Linux drivers (Redhat and SuSE) are available with this product family. 64-bit drivers and Windows support to be followed. Production volume of the Magic2028 TOE NICs will be available in September 2005.

LeWiz will be showing its Magic2028 family, the Talon3008™ 4-port PCI-express board, and Magic2020™ TOE HBA at the Linux World Conference Booth #561 in San Francisco, August 8-11, 2005.

About LeWiz Communications

LeWiz is the world’s leading supplier of hardware-based, multi-port TCP/IP accelerated chip and board solutions that enable the highest performance, and lowest power consumption in networked systems based on chip performance not on hype. The LeWiz solutions are designed to optimize board space, system efficiency and data performance in servers, blade servers, network-attached storage, iSCSI storage devices, and security systems. LeWiz is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. For more information about LeWiz and its products, please visit the company’s Web site at www.lewiz.com.

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