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A huge amount of every company's investment goes into the computing infrastructure!
And this continues into the foreseeable future...

From the start, we listened to your customers' requirements and focused on solving key bottlenecks in the computing infrastructure. The goal is to get more benefits out of their investment in the servers, storage and networking systems.

We've applied our advanced, innovative technology in semiconductor and software to provide you the best, most complete solutions to enhance the performance, efficiency, availability and security in the systems that you sell.

Higher Performance, Less Power Consumption
Our semiconductor products utilize LeWiz's unique architecture to boost performance by many orders of magnitude, while keeping, the power consumption many times less than any other solution.

High Adaptibility
Our products are designed for easy migration to the future. They are
Readily adaptable to a wide range of systems buses such as PCI, PCI-X, and PCI-Express.

Scalable from Gigabit to tens of Gigabit rate full wirespeed/linerate.

We offer extremely high performance features suitable for applications in the enterprise to the large data centers.

Ensured Reliability
Best yet - all products have been tested across different system platforms, operating systems, various BIOS's. They also offer fail-over protection and access control capabilities - providing the high reliability, availability and security required for the servers and storage applications.

Other Solutions...
Complementing our chips, we also provide software device drivers and board-level solutions - giving you the complete application solution that easily integrate into your servers and storage applications. From the developers' perspective, we maintained the same well-known software interfaces to lessen the learning curve, making it easy to use in your environment.

Today, various OEM vendors have tested LeWiz's hardware and software solutions in large data center applications in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Leading Technology and Manufacturing Strength...
LeWiz’s products are manufactured by the world’s tier-1 semiconductor suppliers utilizing their advanced technology in deep sub-micron semiconductor process, CAD tools, design methodology, and leading-edge high-performance, high-pin-count packaging solutions targeting for the server, storage and enterprise networking arena, and ISO/QS9000 certified manufacturing capabilities. Backed by the world’s premier ASIC suppliers, LeWiz brings you the best solutions to address the bottlenecks in your computing infrastructure systems.

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