LeWiz Advances Deep Packet Pattern Search for 10G at Any Packet Size

LeWiz customers in North America and Europe validated LeWiz's iDefend(tm) products for 10Gig full rate, deep packet pattern search using multiple simultaneous patterns, deep rule table and varying packet depths at different packet sizes including the most difficult - 64-byte Ethernet frame

San Jose, CA (Sept 26, 2012) – "I've been running various tests (various packet sizes and rates, up to 128 [pattern search] filters) and it [LeWiz 10G card] hasn't lost a single packet!", said a major North American security customer. It's very exciting to hear such customer feedback.

LeWiz Communications(tm) advanced the deep packet inspection science beyond its limitation. Networks are moving rapidly to 10G speed. Network content intelligence is required for applications such as network forensic, network policy/security enforcement, application quality of service, traffic shaping and others. Security conscious organizations must be able to capture, analyze (from layer 2 to the highest layer 7), search for pattern or content information, then allow actions to be taken based on the result(s) of the inspection. But doing so at full 10G rate, at small packet size has been impossible. LeWiz reinvented its content processing technology and achieved 12nS processing speed for pattern search of small packets. That's 83.3 million packets searched per second (or 40Gbps equivalent). LeWiz attributed its superior performance to its highly parallel, pipelined architecture - a concept which was used in super computers but being applied by LeWiz to the chip level.

64-byte packet only takes 51nS to travel at 10Gbps. The pattern inspector must be done with the search well before the 51nS time limit to allow time for application-oriented decision making. By doing the search within 12nS, LeWiz engine has extra time for application redirect, drop or other actions to be taken even at small packet size. Achieving this speed over multiple patterns and deep rule table is difficult as these add complexity and overhead. LeWiz has overcome this!

LeWiz's spectacular performance was achieved using lower cost technology. At 12nS per packet performance, LeWiz architecture is well positioned for 40G and 100G speed.

Many different protocols are contained within a 10G network pipe which is typically shared by smart phone, video, financial, and other traffics. LeWiz's iDefend(tm) pattern search products support a wide range of protocols (including tunneled protocols) suitable for such shared network pipe.

LeWiz also made its network security products easy to use and deploy. LeWiz's iDefendxxxx(tm) PCI-express cards come with complete software application example source code, driver and utilities for configuring and debugging support - enabling customers to easily adapting them for specific applications. LeWiz's card can also be remotely upgraded making the products easy to service and support in field deployment.

LeWiz further provides customization services for customers with specialized requests. If you have a particular problem needing customization, we're ready for your challenge.

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