Incredible: LeWiz Packed Amazing Performance of 4 GigE Ports on a Tiny PCI-Express Board

San Jose, CA (July 12, 2005)– Utilizing its patent pending technology, LeWiz Communications, a fabless semiconductor company, amazingly packed the performance of 4 Giga bit per second Ethernet (GigE) ports on a tiny low-profile, 4-lane, PCI-Express card for server, storage and security systems. With all 4 ports active in bi-directional mode, LeWiz’s Talon3008™ PCI-Express board can transmit and receive up to 8Gbps or 4Gbps in each direction. The board has TCP/IP assist functions to reduce the work load for the system CPUs. Both short form and standard height PCI-Express brackets are available.

Figure 1: LeWiz’s Talon3008™, 4-port, low-profile, PCI-Express card

With its small form factor and low power consumption, LeWiz’s Talon3008™ 4-port PCI-Express card is well suited even for small space, heat sensitive 1U server, storage and security systems. The Talon3008™ board allows users to take full advantage of the new PCI-Express bus performance which are being shipped by most major server OEMs, and mother board makers.

The 4 independent ports allow users to implement fail-over fault-tolerant capability using quad redundancy or dual redundancy that can be switched over 2 different networks ensuring the system can always be up and running even during an outage of the primary network. For higher performance, the 4 GigE ports can also be bonded together to form a single pipe achieving the performance of most 10Gbps HBA cards in the market but at a fraction of the cost – yet still allowing the users to use the proven, low cost GigE network equipments.

The board is a plug-n-play for many systems. It readily supports Windows2000/2003 Server, Solaris10/Express, Linux2.4/2.6, and Redhat or SuSE Enterprise operating systems. In hardware, it has been tested on both AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon platforms both in 32 and 64 bit configurations.

Storage application such as iSCSI stack, and Web server Apache applications are readily available. Existing applications would run on this board without modification or recompilation.

“A tier-1 server OEM challenged us. Others said it cannot be done. We delivered!”, said Chinh Le, CEO of LeWiz Communications, Inc.

The board’s ordering part number is Talon3008-4P. Production volume will be available in August 2005 with short form and standard height PCI-Express brackets.

LeWiz will be showing its Talon3008™ PCI-express board, Magic2020™ TOE HBA and other new products at the Linux World Conference Booth #561 in San Francisco, August 8-11, 2005.

About LeWiz Communications

LeWiz is the world’s leading supplier of hardware-based, multi-port TCP/IP accelerated chip and board solutions that enable the highest performance, and lowest power consumption in networked systems based on chip performance not on hype. The LeWiz solutions are designed to optimize board space, system efficiency and data performance in servers, blade servers, network-attached storage, iSCSI storage devices, and security systems. LeWiz is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. For more information about LeWiz and its products, please visit the company’s Web site at

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