LeWiz Releases Hardware TOE Application with Zero Software Processing Assist Required for Financial Trading

San Jose, CA (June 12, 2013) – LeWiz Communications(tm) - a pioneer of hardware-based stateful TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) technology -- today makes available total hardware-based user application for its 5(th) generation, multi-session, ultra-low latency TOE core.

Zero software processing assist is achieved using LeWiz's user application and TOE core -- a unique capability that cannot be done with other TOEs for multi-session, ultra-low latency applications. LeWiz's TOE is the ultimate of the ultra-low latency architecture where all processing is done on-chip by hardware functions for nano-second latency eliminating the need for going off-chip or software processing assist which is very slow and long latency.

LeWiz user application supports LAN/WAN environment network configurations in the same way as traditional software based TCP/IP stack -- making it easy to deploy. The user application performs client-mode, server-mode TCP connections, or proxy-mode TCP sessions making it suitable for different applications including financial gateways for risk compliance, trading applications. User sessions and memory buffers are manages dynamically allowing them to be reused for achieving high efficiency of on-chip resources.

LeWiz user application uses the high performance, non-blocking architecture consistent with the highly parallel processing inside the TOE. It also uses the socket level application interface providing a good design reference for LeWiz customers.

With the feature rich user application design, LeWiz still targets to keep 80% of the FPGA's size available for the customers to use.

Coupling a hardware user application with LeWiz ultra-low latency TOE, LeWiz provides customers a total hardware based solution. LeWiz ported this solution to the latest, large FPGA devices and boards from its partners. Evaluations are available. LeWiz and its partners will demonstrate this complete solution at booth #1115 at SIFMA New York, June 18-19, 2013.

About LeWiz Communications

LeWiz provides accelerated high performance IP and network interface cards for network security/analysis, video streaming, and TCP/IP acceleration used in financial, computing, and video servers, storage and security systems. LeWiz's products range from Gbps to 10Gbps as standard or customizable products with acceleration and unique functions and performance advantages. For more information, please visit http://www.lewiz.com.
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