LeWiz's PCI-Express 4-port GigE NIC Certified for the Solaris 10 Operating System

LeWiz Communications’ Talon3008™ board achieves Solaris Ready
Certification for Both SPARC and x64 (x86, 64 bit) Server Platforms

San Jose, CA (May 17, 2006) - LeWiz Communications’ unique, patented low-profile PCI-Express 4-port GigE card achieved Solaris Ready certification for multiple Sun platforms through Sun's Solaris Ready Program. The card has been successfully tested for the Solaris™ 10 Operating System (OS) on Sun’s T2000 SPARC® machines and x64/Opteron™-based platforms such as X2100 server and Ultra workstations.

For the T2000 SPARC servers, 3 Talon3008 cards can be plugged into the 3 available PCI-E slots adding up to 12 GigE ports to the system for multi-zone networking and more network throughput. The card’s low-profile form factor fits neatly into this server’s small 2U platform with the card plug in straight up.

LeWiz’s Talon3008 card is designed for customers who are opting for better performance, reliability, and interoperability. The board uses chips that are proven. It has a very wide range of supporting software available. In bit rate performance, it can reach full wire-rate of Gigabit per second on each port while running the 4-ports simultaneously. It has the capability to throttle the network interrupt in the system, thus reducing interrupt overhead to the system CPUs better for application performance.

LeWiz card’s wide range of operating system support allows customers to use Sun’s x64 platforms with other operating systems in addition to the Solaris 10 OS. In such environments, multiple ports on the card can be teamed or aggregated together achieving even much higher throughput.

“We are pleased to award the Solaris Ready Logo to LeWiz's products,” said Dan Powers, director of Market Development Engineering at Sun Microsystems, Inc. “This qualification assures our joint customers that these products can benefit from the Solaris 10 OS' industry leading features.”

Achieving Solaris Ready status allows LeWiz’s Talon3008 card to display the Solaris Ready logo, enabling customers to readily identify the solution having proven interoperability with the Solaris 10 OS on SPARC and x64 (AMD Opteron processor-based) server platforms. The Solaris Ready logo informs customers that the product has met the rigorous testing requirements of the Solaris Ready Program for system compatibility, interoperability, ease-of-installation, functionality, and network interoperability as defined and controlled by Sun. Participants in the Solaris Ready Program such as LeWiz have also committed to provide long-term support for their Solaris Ready-certified products leading to greater customer confidence.

LeWiz will be showing its PCI-Express Talon and PCI-X Magic family of multi-port GigE and 10GigE NICs and TOE NICs at the Microsoft WinHEC booth #430 in Seattle 5/23-25, 2006; Linux World booth #1828 in San Francisco August 14-17 2006; and Storage Network World in Orlando October 31 – November 3, 2006.

About LeWiz Communications

LeWiz is the world’s leading supplier of hardware-based, multi-port TCP/IP accelerated chip and board solutions that enable the highest performance, and lowest power consumption in networked systems based on chip performance not on hype. The LeWiz solutions are designed to optimize board space, system efficiency and data performance in servers, blade servers, network-attached storage, iSCSI storage devices, and security systems. LeWiz is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. For more information about LeWiz and its products, please visit the company’s Web site at www.lewiz.com.

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