LeWiz Streaming Cards Selected for SeaChange Video-on-Demand Servers

San Jose, CA (Sept 2, 2008)– LeWiz Communications, Inc., a pioneer in video streaming accelerated technology, now provides its new iStream5206(tm) 6-port video streaming cards (with only five percent CPU utilization) for servers manufactured by SeaChange International, Inc., a leading provider of video-on-demand systems for cable television operators and telcos globally.

LeWiz’s iStream52xx cards stream video from video server to clients, for applications such as video-on-demand (VOD) or IPTV. They track thousands of clients simultaneously and deliver high capacity, accurate video.

“Benchmarked against its competitors, LeWiz’s 1G and 10G iStream cards outperformed and were proven better in power consumption, cost and flexibility,” said Sherry Zhu, director of storage product marketing, SeaChange. “At 24 Mbps per stream with all Ethernet ports maxing out at full speed, the video stream’s media delivery index has proven precise. Further, the cards are programmable, which gives us flexibility to add features and allows us to upgrade our products remotely.”

“Selection by SeaChange, the leader in video-on-demand, is a huge validation of our video streaming products and acceleration technology.  The market for video-on-demand and video-over-Internet is growing rapidly.  We are committed to providing a full family of video streaming products from Gigabit to 10Gigabit and beyond.  We will continue to add more advanced functions and enhance the speed giving our customers unique advantages in winning and serving their customers,” said Chinh Le, CEO of LeWiz Communications.

LeWiz, located in San Jose, CA is the first company to produce a family of network interface cards designed specifically for video streaming systems. The cards are targeted for a wide range of video applications on the Internet, cable TV networks and high speed embedded video applications

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LeWiz provides high performance, low power, multi-port, and video streaming network interface cards (NIC) for video servers, general computing server, storage and security systems. LeWiz’s products range from Gbps to 10Gbps as standard NIC or customizable NIC with acceleration. LeWiz offers the broadest PCI-express NIC products with unique small size, function and performance advantages. For more information about LeWiz and its products, please visit http://www.lewiz.com
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