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Talon3220 datasheet

Dual port, 10GigE,
CX-4 Copper/Fiber Optical NIC,
Dual TOE Engine,

*** NEW *** - "Kick ass with VMWare™", said a customer

*** NEW *** - Best performing board on the planet:
                       8.9Gbps with 1500 byte packets


Raising 10Gbps NIC performance to another notch, LeWiz’s Talon3220 NIC offers 2, 10Gbps Ethernet ports on a single high-performance, 8 lane PCI-Express (PCI-E) bus slot. Taking advantage of LeWiz’s advanced TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) architecture, the Talon3220 NIC provides TCP/IP acceleration as an option on the card. IT professionals can use the card in the familiar NIC mode or in the high performance TOE mode to achieve highest bit rate and lower system CPU utilization. LeWiz’s Talon3220 card is designed specifically for servers, storage, and high-end client systems with PCI-E bus slots. The card is available for both the low-cost CX-4 copper or long distance fiber-optic network medium. A range of network distance from 15 meter to 40 kilometer can be implemented with the Talon3220.

In the NIC mode, LeWiz’s 10GigE Talon3220 NIC can operate in a wide range of operating system environments from Windows to Linux. It simply works everywhere from desktop clients to data-center servers and storage systems. In the full TOE offload mode, the same NIC can operate in the Linux environment with low CPU utilization and higher speed capability, thus optimizes the efficiency of the system and the network environment.

The dual port 10GigE PCI-E is ideal for storage systems that require mirroring or backup function. One port can be connected to the storage -server connection and the other can be connected to the mirror or the backup system. Using only 1 card and 1 PCI-E slot saves system cost, reduces heat and at the same time makes use of the high performance PCI-E bus. The dual port can also be bonded to form a 20Gbps pipe offering a network throughput that would satisfy the bandwidth appetite of any system in the market.

The Talon3220 utilizes chips that have been in full production, making the products highly reliable, readily available and low risk for users. The chips used on the board have many high-performance and advanced networking features making it useful in a wide range of networks from the LAN to the WAN environments.

Software devices drivers are also available for various operating systems: WindowsXP, WindowServer2003, Redhat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux, and Fedora Core.

Linux with 32-bit or 64-bit option. All device drivers are loadable - a unique feature of LeWiz’s TOE architecture. No need for users to recompile the system OS - easier to use.


Lowers overall network cost

     - Increases throughput and load handling for systems

     - Increases throughput in existing systems

     - Delay new purchase hardware and software

     - Better reliability, less downtime
Enhances and balances system performance

     - 256K concurrent connections

     - Allows processors to run applications efficiently
Enhances system security

Reduces network maintenance and service cost

Non-intrusive to system hardware and software

Easy installation


Performs TCP/IP functions in hardware, not software, for lowest latency and overhead

Handle MACs directly without CPU intervention

Full TCP/IP offload

Supports fail-over protection (alternate pathing)

On chip DMA engine for high speed data throughput

Full remote diagnostics capability

Qualified across multiple host platforms from Dell™, HP™, SUN™, TYAN™, and others

Supports all CPU types: Opteron™, Pentium™, XEON™, PowerPC™, SPARC™, MIPS™, and others

Board size: PCIe NIC (4.2” x 8.4”)


Server (application servers, Web/DNS/e-mail/file servers, etc.)

Storage (iSCSI, SAN/NAS, etc.)

iSCSI NIC, initiator or target

Security appliances (firewalls, load balances, etc.)

Network appliances

Compression systems

Streaming Multimedia

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Talon3220-CX (copper)
Talon3220-SR (850nm fiber optic)
Talon3220-LR (1310nm fiber optic)

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