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PCI-X, Low Profile, Dual Gigabit Ethernet,
4 Gbps, 256K concurrent sessions, TOE NIC
*** NEW - Supports Windows OS in NIC mode

RedHat AS 4.0
RedHat 9.0
Variety of 32/64 bit 2.6 & 2.4 kernels

LeWiz's MAGIC2028-2P™ is an ultra high performance PCI-X dual-port network interface card (NIC) with a powerful on-board TCP/IP Offload Engine (LE2028™) chip. This low profile form factor board is designed to fit into compact low cooling servers and storage systems. The MAGIC2028-2P™ is designed to off-load TCP/IP processing from the host processor(s). This takes the host processor(s) out of the TCP/IP loop, no longer performing the major TCP/IP task in software. This balanced approach allows the main (host) processor(s) to utilize most of its performance to run applications, resulting in reduced system bottlenecks and enhanced system performance. Furthermore, the MAGIC2028-2P™ accelerates the TCP/IP processing to wirerate, effectively reducing network latency and overhead in network attached systems. The MAGIC2028-2P™ plugs directly into the systems PCI-X slot. It has the capability of handling a load of up to 256K concurrent connections and performs 44K connections per second complete set-up and tear-down.

TCP/IP is the protocol used to communicate server to server, server to PC, server to storage, server to network appliance, and the list of applications continues to expand. Unfortunately, TCP/IP places a very heavy burden on host CPUs. With the advent of Gigabit Ethernet and higher, server CPUs have begun to choke while processing the TCP/IP overhead associated with transferring data. This board offloads the TCP/IP processing from the host CPUs, freeing up valuable CPU cycles for application processing while maintaining the programmability, configurability, and flexibility via the host interface. Designed for MAX wirerate throughput across the ports. It also supports fail-over protection/alternate pathing and load balancing/trunking/bonding capabilities required in high-performance server and storage systems. The result is faster servers, an accelerated network, and superior application performance, saving cost and improving reliability for the enterprise network. The MAGIC2028-2P™ is ideal for network intensive environments such as file serving, network attached storage (NAS), high performance technical computing, high-end backup and restore, IP storage, and video serving.

Using LeWiz's advanced layer-processing architecture, the MAGIC2028-2P™ with the LE2028™ chip offers the highest performance, lowest power and most cost effective way of addressing the performance bottlenecks found in many IP network attached equipment.


Low power NO heatsinks

Lowers overall network cost

     - 2 bi-directional ethernet ports (4Gbps)

     - Increases throughput and load handling for systems

     - Delay new purchase of hardware and software

     - Better reliability, less downtime
Enhances and balances system performance

     - 44k connections per second, set-up/tear-down

     - 256K concurrent connections

     - Allows processor to run applications efficicently
Optimize the network efficiency

     - Achieve wire speed, full duplex

Enhances System security

Reduces network maintenance and service cost

Non-intrusive to system hardware and software

Easy plug-n-play installation


Performs TCP/IP functions in hardware, not software, for lowest latency and overheard

Handles MACs directly without CPU intervention

Optional local memory

Full TCP/IP offload

Supports fail-over protection (alternate pathing)

Supports port aggregation, bonding

On chip DMA engine for high speed data throughput

Full remote diagnostics capability

Qualified across multiple host platforms from Dell™, HP™, IBM™, TYAN™, and others

Supports all CPU types: Opteron™, Pentium™, XEON™, PowerPC™, SPARC™, MIPS™, and others

Board size: Short Form PCIe NIC (2.535” x 6.6”)


Server (application servers, Web/DNS/e-mail/file servers, etc.)

Storage (iSCSI, SAN/NAS, etc.)

iSCSI NIC, initiator or target

Remote KVM switching

Security appliances (firewalls, load balances, etc.)

Network appliances

Compression systems

Streaming Multimedia

Product Functionality

Compatible with PCI-X 1.0b and PCI 2.2 Standards

64-bit/133/100/66MHz, 3.3V PCI-X bus interface

Compatible with IPv6 amd IPv4

External SDRAMs extend up to 2M concurrent connections

Concurrent transmit and recieve operations across all ports

Buffers optimized for fast packet & stream transfers

Full software support with device driver

TCP/IP Features Supported

Full TCP/IP offload

Non-intrusive to existing TCP/IP stack

Reassembly of incoming data

Segmentation of outgoing data

Sequence ordering - handling out of order segments

Overlap elimination - handling duplicate segments

Re-transmission, Flow control, etc.

TCP timer handling

Connection set-up and tear down

Hardware checksum processing

Window scaling, updating, and sizing


              Dual Gigabit MAGIC2028™ Low Profile PCI-X NIC

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Magic2028-S (standard PCI-X bracket)
Magic2028-L (low profile PCI-X bracket)

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