6-port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet
PCI-Express NIC
TCP/UDP/IP Acceleration
IPv4 and IPv6
copper/fiber optic



LeWiz's Talon42xx family of network interface cards (NIC) designed specifically for the acceleration of network server and storage applications. The cards are targeted for a wide range of computing systems/appliances for LAN/WAN and data center environments from 1 to 10Gbps networks.

The Talon4206TM card is designed for performance in systems which require GigE connectivity. It packs into a single board 6 ports of GigE with dedicated TCP/IP offload engines, dedicated data paths, FIFO's and buffers for transmit and receive on a per port basis. Each port is fully capable of transmit and receive independently. Both ports can work simultaneously and are capable of active/active configuration. The Talon4206TM card maximizes the system's capability to its peak - optimizes your IT dollars. Should you need higher than 1Gbps rate, the ports can be aggregated together and acts as a single much higher-speed port. LeWiz also offers utility software using this product for moving large amount of data quickly

The Talon4206TM card's single-chip, high level of integration allows it to maintain low cost, low power consumption - easily fitting into the budget and requirements of a short form PCI-express card. Yet, it still maintains the ease of use, loadable device drivers of a normal NIC that many engineers are familiar with. The card contains many builtin programmable functions allowing it to be tuned even out in the field to be compatible with any peculiar network equipment the user may be encountered out in the field.

A unique feature of the Talon4206TM is its ability to move data directly into application buffers. This means faster data rate, lower latency, and low CPU consumption for the system. It can perform this complicated task over many concurrent TCP/IP sessions with controllability on a per session basis - much more flexible for software to tune the system to the application requirements. At the same time, it enables software to maintain the easy-to-use TCP/IP socket interface. Storage systems would benefit a great deal with this feature.

The Talon4206TM optimizes multi-CPU systems efficiently. It's capable of directing the received data to individual CPU core for processing. In today's servers, dual and quad-core CPUs are widely available. The processors built into the Talon4206TM card co-operates with the multi-core of the systems to enable the best use of available computing resources. To the users, this means the server is able to serve more clients per system purchased. In virtual systems which require multiple OS's running concurrently, its multi-queue feature allows data to be directed to the memory queue which is most suitable for the specific application or OS.

The Talon4206TM card also offers a host of offload functions for high speed transfers (see the detailed description). It allows full 64-bit addressing range; comes with loadable device drivers for Linux and Windows OS's. Developed for plug-n-play, no need for the users to recompile the driver or patching the kernel as typically required by other offload cards. Customers using the Talon4206TM NIC can maintain compatibility with LeWiz's family of 1G to 10G products. See LeWiz's Talon and iStream NIC products at: