december 2022

Released here:

OmniXtend is an open source architecture for clustering of processors (or servers) to remote storage and memory systems on the network. It allows processors such as RISC-V CPU(s) to execute programs stored remotely on network based storage or memory systems. This allows the processor to treat remotely stored information as if the information (program or data) is stored in its local memory. This extends the storage resource of the processor to what's available on the network -- any type of network whether wired or wireless, essentially limitless. Yet, it still can maintain data coherency across the memory hierarchy, keeping the information consistent across the network so if a piece of information is updated (locally or remotely), the processing system does not use stale data, maintaining correctness.

Did you know that such systems can also be fault tolerant? If a processing node is no longer available, other node(s) in the cluster can be made to pick up and continue the processing as if the failure has not occurred. LeWiz develops technology for space and other high reliability applications where fault tolerant is an important capability. It previously developed radiation tolerant RISC-V CPU, memory control and I/O subsystems enabling a system in space to continue to operate even if encountering failure due to radiation.

We've also released IP cores to open source on Github. This open source release furthers LeWiz contribution to the open source community advancing state of the art technologies.

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